Stevenson and Company: Buyer Services

Assisting in the Acquistion of Companies


Our services for buyers include a targeted search program that is successful in generating deal flow and in completing acquisitions.


When you retain Stevenson & Company, you receive the total commitment of our staff and access to our many professional resources. We lead the process and work side-by-side with you every step of the way, taking the time to understand the strategic needs of your company and your acquisition goals.



What to expect: How we work


The steps in our targeted search program include:


Initial Discussions - We will talk with you on a confidential basis to gain a clear understanding of the type and size of company you want to acquire.


Research and Identification of Candidates that Meet your Acquisition Criteria - We combine our research capabilities with your industry knowledge to locate specific companies that appear to be attractive acquisition candidates. We use published and electronic databases as well as other sources (e.g., trade shows, industry experts) to develop this information.


Making Contact with Prospective Sellers - We contact prospective sellers by personal letters, email and telephone to determine their interest in selling. Our seasoned advisors are successful in engaging owners and corporate executive in strategic discussions. This results in more companies willing to take the next step with our clients.


Compiling Information on Targeted Company - We obtain financial, product and capabilities information from interested candidates in order to assess their fit and value to you.


Initiation of Discussions and Negotiations - We arrange and lead meetings and participate in negotiations. We provide a buffer between you and potential sellers with whom you may work with in the future.


Assistance in Closing the Transaction - We work with you, your attorneys and accountants to successfully complete the transaction.


Beyond these targeted programs, we are happy to receive acquisition criteria from buyers who prefer not to engage in a retained search but who welcome the presentation of attractive candidates that fit their criteria. These candidates may not be actively seeking a buyer or have not commissioned Stevenson to work on their behalf. We expect to receive compensation from the buyer for the introduction and for assistance with the negotiations as appropriate, contingent upon completion of the acquisition.